Center for Telehealth


The UMMC Center for Telehealth is dedicated to bringing quality healthcare to patients in need through the use of technology.

What is Telehealth?

UMMC's Center for Telehealth brings care and learning to people remotely, in every part of Mississippi. Using online video and other technology, telehealth delivers medical treatment, health education and public health services that make long-distance patient care possible.

Goals of Telehealth

  • Improve access to care.
  • Reduce healthcare disparities.
  • Create efficiencies in healthcare delivery

Telehealth at UMMC helps Mississippi

The Center for Telehealth at UMMC is working to improve the availability of medical services in our state. UMMC Telehealth began with telemergency - providing emergency medical care remotely to rural locations-and now offers more than 30 different medical specialties and extends to more than 100 clinical sites.

Since it began in 2003, our telemergency services alone have helped more than 450,000 patients.

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