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Welcome to UMMC's online pharmacy refill service. Here, you can refill an existing prescription or check the status of a prescription already submitted for online refill. UMMC pharmacies only fill prescriptions written by a University Physicians provider.

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Pharmacy locations

We have three pharmacy locations for the convenience of patients seen by University Physicians care providers.

Most prescription plans are honored. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted at the Meds & Threads and University Physician Pavilion locations. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at the Medical Mall Pharmacy.

Please select the pharmacy location where you have an existing prescription. If you wish to pick up your prescription from a different UMMC pharmacy than where your prescription is currently listed, please transfer your prescription. To transfer a prescription, call the pharmacy where you currently have a prescription using the phone numbers listed to the right.

Pharmacy changes

Effective March 22, 2016, the Pavilion Pharmacy has made changes to how we fill prescriptions, including plans to open to the general public in the near future.

This change may affect the price of some prescriptions for patients who do not have insurance coverage. It is likely the cost of these prescriptions will increase, although actual prescription prices will vary with each medication. Patients with insurance will be responsible for their co-insurance, co-payments, and deductibles. Our pharmacy staff and social workers are available to assist patients with this transition. 

  • Prescriptions written at one of the main campus hospitals or hospital-based clinics (Batson Specialty Clinic, Cancer Clinic, and the Jackson Medical Mall clinics), may be filled from the pharmacies at Jackson Medical Mall or Meds & Threads, and patients will continue to receive savings.
  • Prescriptions written at University Physicians clinics can only be filled at the Pavilion Pharmacy or at a non-UMMC pharmacy of the patient's choosing.

If you are currently using any of our pharmacies for your prescriptions, please contact your healthcare provider's office about options.

Q & A

Why is this change occuring?

Previously, UMMC was able to purchase drugs at a discount from manufacturers. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to purchase drugs at a discount for some of our clinic locations. We are working toward solutions; however, in the meantime, we have provided a list of locations that will be impacted by these changes as well as clinics that are eligible for discounts. In order to assist our patients, UMMC's pharmacy staff and social workers are available to answer questions. Our pharmacy staff is also available to help transfer prescriptions or assist with any additional requirements for controlled substance prescriptions.

How do I know if my prescription can be filled at one of UMMC's other pharmacies, such as Meds & Threads or the Jackson Medical Mall Pharmacy?

Currently only prescriptions written at one of the main campus hospitals or hospital-based clinics at 2500 North State Street (inside the main hospital such as the Eli Manning Children's Clinics), the Children's Specialty Clinic, Children's Cancer Center, or the majority of Jackson Medical Mall clinics are eligible to be filled at these pharmacies. Please check with one of our pharmacy staff for additional details. 

Can my prescriptions that are already filled at the Pavilion be picked up?

Please call us, and our pharmacy staff will assist with either filling your prescription or transferring it to a non-UMMC pharmacy of your choosing.


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