This area of our website helps you obtain basic information about hospital prices for services provided at University of Mississippi Medical Center.


The prices listed below represent hospital prices only. Professional fees will be billed separately. Prices may vary based on pre-existing health conditions, severity of illness, and actual procedure performed. 

The prices listed are not what a patient may pay for the service/procedure listed. The amount you will pay depends on your insurance plan, as well as any financial assistance you may qualify for.

  • For additional pricing information and questions, please contact our Guarantor Services Department at 601-984-6650. 
  • For financial assistance information and questions, please contact our Financial Counseling Department at 601-815-9430.

University of Mississippi Medical Center Pricing


Room and Board - per day
DescriptionCPT/HCPS CodePrice
Newborn Intensive CareN/A$2,094
Pediatric Intensive CareN/A$2,713
Emergency Department Visits
DescriptionCPT/HCPS CodePrice
Level 1 ED Visit99281$468
Level 2 ED Visit99282$895
Level 3 ED Visit99283$2,048
Level 4 ED Visit99284$4,796
Level 5 ED Visit99285$4,913
Common Outpatient Procedures
DescriptionCPT/HCPS CodePrice
Electrocardiogram, Tracing only (EKG)93005$136
Cardiac Rehabilitation93797$276
Diagnostic Colonoscopy45378$1,669
Screening Mammogram Digital Imaging77066$478
CT Head/Brain w/o contrast70450$1,223
Obstetric Pelvic Ultrasound76817$282
XRAY Chest, 2 views71046$188
XR Abdomen/KUB, limited, 1 view74018$150
XR Hand, min. 3 views73130$150
XR Ankle, complete, min. 3 views73610$150
XR Knee, complete, 4 or more views73564$282
Lab Glucose; Quantitative, Point of care82947$18
Lab Basic Metabolic Panel80048$443
Lab CBC with Auto Differential85025$133
Lab Prothrombin Time85610$78
Lab Hepatic Function Panel80076$180
Lab Lipid Panel80061$92
Lab Thyroid Stimulation Hormone (TSH)84443$194
Lab Urinalysis - Routine81005$52