Obesity in Mississippi

One in three adults in Mississippi is obese. More than just a weight problem, obesity is a health problem and an economic problem.

Health costs of obesity

In addition to reducing a person’s quality of life, obesity can cause life-threatening health problems, including:
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Economic costs of obesity

Health problems brought on by obesity can be costly. Chronic illnesses carry daily costs for individuals living with diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, but obesity also increases the financial strain on our healthcare systems and other businesses.

  • Providing care for preventable diseases drives up the cost for private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and healthcare services for everyone.
  • Missing work due to illness and doctor’s visits lowers workforce productivity and passes along hidden costs to employers, businesses, and consumers.
  • Obesity costs 40% more in medical expenses per year than health costs for a non-obese person.
  • In Mississippi, healthcare costs related to obesity have doubled over the past ten years, to $925 million.
  • In the past ten years, national obesity-related health costs were $147 billion.


By working together to reduce Mississippi’s obesity problem, we can improve health, reduce healthcare costs, and save lives.