Some careers require an astute mind. Others demand emotional commitment. But very few require the delicate balance of both that it takes to excel as a nurse.

At University of Mississippi Medical Center, we understand the passion that drives people to become nurses. As an affiliate of one of the region's most respected universities, we share your respect for knowledge. Likewise, as one of the South's most respected healthcare institutions, the desire to care and heal is at the core of everything we do.

At UMMC, we're committed to helping you take your talents as far as you can - and to become the nurse you were meant to be. Our nurses continue growing long after receiving their degree. Every day they face challenges and situations that are above and beyond those faced by their peers elsewhere. Whether you work in the state's only Level I Trauma Unit, the region's only Level 3C Neonatal ICU or assist Mississippi’s only transplant team, your position at UMMC makes you an integral part of an elite healthcare team.

Since 1955, we've been providing nurses with the opportunity to practice and perfect their caregiving in an academic setting, where patient care truly does come first. At University of Mississippi Medical Center, our dual focus on education and patient care allows you to become the nurse you were meant to be, in a setting that respects and values the contributions you make.

You have an urge within you not just to learn and grow, but also to make a difference in the lives of others. We call it a passion for nursing. It's a feeling you'll find mirrored by all those around you at University of Mississippi Medical Center.

A perfect place to learn. A unique place to care. A wonderful place to grow. It's all waiting for you at UMMC.