Mississippi Center for Obesity Research (MCOR)

Mississippi Center for Obesity Research (MCOR) - Brand Phase II

In Mississippi, obesity is a health crisis. Part of the state’s only academic medical center, Mississippi Center for Obesity Research (MCOR) is working to fight obesity with research, treatment, and prevention.

Researching obesity in Mississippi

University of Mississippi Medical Center faculty research obesity and the diseases related to it. They are trying to understand what causes obesity, how to prevent it, and how to treat it. 

Treating obesity in Mississippi

The MCOR team of doctors and research scientists are working together and with patients to understand and treat obesity-related health problems in Mississippi.

  • The multidisciplinary team is using research to prevent and treat diseases related to obesity. 
  • MCOR faculty educate and train the next generation of researchers and doctors.
    • They also educate healthcare professionals, teachers, community leaders, and the public about obesity. 
  • MCOR research is just part of a collective effort at UMMC to help improve health and manage weight in Mississippi.

Preventing obesity in Mississippi

Although we are still learning about the complex causes and health impacts of obesity, UMMC and MCOR are working to prevent obesity and diseases related to it—so Mississippians can enjoy a healthier future.

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