University Physicians - Lakeland Medical Center

lakeland medical center

University Physicians at Lakeland Medical Center offer specialized medical care at a multi-storied location on Lakeland Drive across from University of Mississippi Medical Center. The center's physicians provide primary family care as well as ophthalmology and otolaryngology services in a family-friend facility.

UP Lakeland Medical Center is part of UMMC, the only academic medical center in the state. We have access to leading-edge research, the latest technology and important advances in patient care. And at University Physicians, doctors are trained to work as part of a multidisciplinary team to ensure you receive the most comprehensive care possible.

Hours and directions

Clinic hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Click here for directions.

    Clinic services

    • Lakeland Family Medicine Center - located on second floor
      • Adult and children's family medicine services
    • Ophthamology - located on first and third floors
      • Adult and children's ophthalmology services, including retina, corena and glaucoma; neuro-ophthalmology and pediatric oculoplastics
      • Optical shop featuring hard lenses (including hard-to-find brands), soft contact lenses and name-brand frames
    • Otolaryngology and communicative services¬† - located on fourth floor
      • Adult and children's ear, nose and throat care
      • Audiology and hearing care
      • Speech-language pathology and voice care
    • Radiology services
      • X-rays
      • CT scans