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Welcome to Children's Heart

Welcome to Children's Heart

Learning that your child has a problem with his heart can be frightening. Parents, however, can rest assured that the best possible care is available at Children's of Mississippi.

Our heart program is the only one of its kind in Mississippi with comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children with heart defects or disease. The well-trained, highly skilled and nationally recognized care team cares for patients from fetus to young adults, specializing in non-invasive and invasive studies as well as surgical intervention for congenital (present before or at birth) heart defects, acquired heart disease and arrhythmia.

Our specialists at Batson Children's Hospital are the first in the region to perform a transcatheter pulmonary heart valve replacement procedure, a non-surgical alternative to open-heart surgery. The minimally invasive procedure is just one of the many tools that our program offers for the treatment of congenital heart defects and damaged heart valves.

Diagnostic services

Our cardiology program offers a variety of diagnostic tests, including special cardiac imaging, to help our specialists determine the best course of treatment for your child. Specialized cardiac diagnostic services include the evaluation and treatment of heart murmurs, chest pain, fainting, shortness of breath and palpitation. Each test or procedure is thoroughly explained so you and your child will know what to expect during the process. Our medical staff is specially trained to make your child as comfortable as possible during the tests. Results then are carefully reviewed to help diagnose and treat those most common to the most complex heart conditions and diseases.

Comprehensive care

Many defects that once required open-heart surgery can now be treated with less invasive approaches using small catheters inserted into the heart, veins or arteries. For those conditions requiring intensive attention, we deliver a continuum of care through our active congenital heart surgery services. Young patients especially require unique care since most of their heart conditions are congenital or anatomical in nature compared to acquired heart disease common in older patients.

The pediatric heart program also draws upon the strength of many Children's of Mississippi departments to help solve problems related to your child's heart. Our multidisciplinary team includes pediatric cardiology, children's intensive care, cardiac anesthesia, neonatal intensive care, perfusion, surgery, respiratory therapy, nursing and surgical staff, administration and patient and family services. All are focused on providing compassionate and coordinated care through your child's diagnosis, treatment and recovery.