Billing & Insurance Questions & Answers

Below are some of the most common questions asked regarding bill through the University of Mississippi Medical Center system.

Why didn’t my insurance pay on my claim?

There are several reasons why insurances don’t pay claims. Here are a few of them:

  • Your yearly deductible may not have been met.
  • Your doctor/facility was not in your network.
  • Your visit was not a covered service.
  • They may have sent you a letter requesting more information.
  • The insurance company’s rules for pre-certification or authorizing the visit may not have been followed.
  • Click here to find out which insurance plans are accepted.

Why am I receiving multiple bills?

You will receive a bill from the doctor for his/her service and a bill for use of the hospital. You could receive more than one physician bill depending on who saw you or who was consulted on your behalf.

Why was my account sent to collections?

Your account was sent to collections because the patient due amount was either not fully resolved by our internal billing efforts or you did not contact our office to establish a payment plan. Also, we find that we have many incorrect patient addresses in our files, and therefore we were unable to reach you through our internal billing efforts. Contact the billing office to verify we have the correct address on your next visit.

What is this bill for?

Statements/bills with the heading of University Hospitals and Health System represent hospital charges. Statements/bills with the heading of University Physicians represent physician/doctor charges.

What is a contractual?

A contractual is the discount given to patients whose insurance company has an agreement with the hospital.

What is the difference between MedAssist and the Financial Assistance Program?

The hospital refers patients to the agency, MedAssist, which aids patients in getting governmental assistance such as Medicaid and disability. Financial Assistance is a program offered by the hospital and doctors for medically-needy patients.

Can I get a reduction on my bill?

We are limited on the kinds of discounts we can give. A prompt pay discount is available if a down payment is made prior to the medical visit and the total is paid off within 30 days of the visit. 

  • Call 601-496-9303 or 844-838-4871 (toll-free) to discuss your particular case.

Retired employees of UMMC and University of Mississippi who meet certain criteria can receive a discount. To find out if you qualify for this discount, print and submit a completed Retired Employee Acknowledgement Form to:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
    504 Clinton Center Drive, Suite 4300
    Clinton, Mississippi 39056
  • Fax: 601-496-9861


What information should I provide when giving insurance information?

Patient should provide the policy number, group number (if available), insurance provider address and telephone number as well as the subscriber’s name, Social Security number, date of birth and relationship to the patient. Your insurance card provides additional useful information, so please be sure to bring it with you to each visit.

How can I pay my bill?

Patients may pay their bills over the phone with a credit card or debit card (containing the Visa or MasterCard logos) by calling 601-496-9303. We accept all major credit cards. 

Payments may also be mailed in to: 

  • University Hospital and Health System

    P.O. Box 23246
    Jackson, MS 39225

  • University Physicians

    P.O. Box 2219
    Jackson, MS 39225 

What’s the due date for my bill?

The due date is always listed on the bill. If payment arrangements have been made with our office, your due date is the date you chose at that time.