Billing & Insurance

Answers to common questions about billing and insurance at UMMC.

Why didn't my insurance pay a claim?

Common reasons a health insurance policy/company doesn't pay a claim:

  • The yearly deductible has not been met yet.
  • The doctor or medical facility is not in-network.
  • The visit was not a covered service.
  • The insurance company's rules for pre-certification (authorizing the visit) may not have been followed.
  • The insurance company may have sent a letter requesting more information from the patient/policy holder

Find out which insurance plans are accepted by UMMC providers and facilities.

Why did I receive multiple bills?

Patients will receive a bill from the doctor who provided the medical service and a bill for use of the hospital (if a hospital stay was needed). Depending on who sees a patient or is consulted on the patient's behalf, a patient could receive more than one bill.

Why was my account sent to collections?

A billing account may be sent to collections because the patient due amount was either not fully resolved by our internal billing efforts, or the patient did not contact our office to establish a payment plan. Sometimes, we have old or incorrect patient addresses on file and are unable to reach a patient through our internal billing efforts.

What is this bill for?

Statements/bills with the heading of University Hospitals and Health System represent hospital charges. Statements/bills with the heading of University Physicians represent physician/doctor charges.

What is a contractual?

A contractual is the discount given to patients whose insurance company has an agreement with the hospital.

Is there assistance for patients who need financial help?

Please contact the Health Benefit Coordinators to be screened for assistance.

  • Call: (601) 815-9430
  • Toll free: (866) 274-7832

What information should I provide when giving insurance information?

Patient should provide the policy number, group number (if available), insurance provider address and telephone number as well as the subscriber’s name, Social Security number, date of birth and relationship to the patient. Your insurance card provides additional useful information, so please be sure to bring it with you to each visit.

How can I pay my bill?

Patients may pay their bills over the phone with a credit card or debit card (containing the Visa or MasterCard logos) by calling 601-496-9303. We accept all major credit cards. 

Payments may also be mailed in to: 

The University of Mississippi Medical Center
P.O. Box 3488
Dept. #05-077
Tupelo, MS 38803-3488


What’s the due date for my bill?

The due date is always listed on the bill. If payment arrangements have been made with our office, your due date is the date you chose at that time.