Patient Responsibilities

Patients are encouraged to take an active role in their care. 

Patients have the responsibility to:

  • Give us accurate and complete information about your present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters relating to your health as well as your accurate full name, address, telephone numbers, date of birth, and social security number.
  • Tell us if you have any sudden changes in how you are feeling.
  • Speak up if you are told something you do not understand. 
  • Tell us if you need something explained to you in a different way.      
  • Give your healthcare team a copy of your Advanced Directive, Living Will, Power of Attorney, or any other legal documents that affect your healthcare.
  • Follow the treatment plan recommended by your healthcare team
  • Keep all appointments and/or notify UMMC hospital and/or clinics if you need to reschedule.
  • Pay your financial obligations for your healthcare as soon as possible.
  • Respect the rights and property of others.
  • Follow UMMC rules and regulations for patient care and conduct, to include:
    • NO DRUGS

Office of Patient Affairs

The Office of Patient Affairs serves to support patients, families, and customers by helping them understand and navigate a complicated, sometimes confusing, hospital system.  

If you need assistance or would like to provide feedback, contact the Office of Patient Affairs at one of the following numbers:

  • Adult and Women's Services: 601-815-4545
  • Children's (Pediatric) Services: 601-815-0123

Questions about patient care and safety

Individuals who have concerns about patient care and safety in the hospital that the hospital has not addressed are encouraged to contact University of Mississippi Medical Center management. You may contact The Joint Commission directly at 800-994-6601 or