Hospital Rules & Regulations

The University of Mississippi Medical Center and its facilities welcome visitors. We request that visitors follow these guidelines:

  • Routine visiting times end at 9 p.m. so that patients may get adequate rest.
  • Specialty areas within the hospital may have more detailed visitation guidelines based upon those patient's condition and needs.
  • Clergy may visit at any time at the request of the patient.
  • We encourage only two visitors at a time.
  • Please remember to check with the nurse before sending plants or flowers. Some areas have restrictions concerning these.
  • Visitors are encouraged to ask questions. However, because of confidentiality and privacy considerations, patients must first give permission before any personal health information is released.
  • Visitors must follow all hospital rules, including the "no tobacco" policy. See more on this policy below.
  • Please avoid visiting hospital patients if you are ill.

Your care and safety are our top priorities. The University of Mississippi Medical Center is a smoke-free, tobacco-free campus. Smoking or the use of tobacco products is prohibited on the campus and in all buildings.

Most patients are eligible for tobacco replacement therapy (nicotine patches) during hospitalization. You may request this service by asking your nurse or doctor. Please be aware that patients are not permitted to leave the hospital to smoke.