Why Choose Us?

  • The University Center for Fetal Medicine is the only fetal center in the Southeast offering comprehensive care in one location, from diagnosis through delivery for mothers carrying babies with known birth defects. From the first phone call, we coordinate all of your care, offering caring, counseling and support.
  • Our team are leaders in fetal medicine and constantly work to improve the care of fetal conditions.
  • We treat the full range of fetal anomalies, including rare disorders seldom seen outside major tertiary care centers.
  • Our surgeons are nationally and internationally recognized for their skill and excellent outcomes. We share our expertise by educating other physicians about fetal conditions and treatments.
  • We offer a full range of the most advanced diagnostic testing available.
  • Our fetal heart program diagnoses heart defects early in pregnancy and coordinates prenatal care and delivery. After birth, babies are treated in the Children's Heart Center at Batson Children's Hospital.
  • We provide all of your care in a family-friendly location and work with your physician to coordinate care.
  • We offer a supportive community to families and sponsor an annual “fetal reunion."