Enteric Duplication Cyst

Intra-abdominal duplications can originate from any part of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Duplications may jejunoileal, gastric or duodenal, according to specialists at the University Center for Fetal Medicine. Jejunoileal duplications are the most common. Most cysts are isolated and are not associated with other anomalies. 


They may be identified by routine ultrasound. Fetal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is recommended to help in diagnosis and rule out other structural anomalies.  


Prenatal care consists of serial ultrasounds to assess maternal and fetal well-being. Delivery at a tertiary care center is advised as immediate assessment by a pediatric surgeon is needed. The treatment for an intra-abdominal duplication is surgical resection.

Enteric Duplication Cyst_1

Pictured (right) is an intestinal duplication cyst at the time of resection in the newborn period. The cyst was identified in the prenatal period, and the fetus and mother were followed with serial ultrasound. The baby was delivered at term, and the mass was resected after birth.


Outcomes after surgical resection are excellent. Possible long-term complications are rare, but depend on the extent and location of the resection. 

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