UMMC Center for Maternal and Fetal Care Team

The UMMC Center for Maternal and Fetal Care is the only fetal center in the South offering comprehensive care in one location, from diagnosis through delivery, for mothers carrying babies with known birth defects. As leaders in maternal-fetal medicine, our team of specialists treats the full range of fetal anomalies, some of which may only be encountered once or twice in a physician's career.

Maternal-fetal medicine

  • James Bofill, MD                                                   
  • Michelle Owens, MD
  • Sarah Novotny, MD
  • James N. Martin, MD                                               
  • Rick W. Martin, MD

Fetal cardiology

Pediatric surgery

Cardiovascular surgery

Pediatric neurosurgery

Genetic counseling


Pediatric urology

Palliative care


  • Manohar Roda, M.D. - body MRI
  • Majid Khan, M.D. - neuro MRI

Pediatric ENT


  • Phyllis Anfanger RN, RDMS
  • Wylinda Washington RN, RDMS
  • Joanne Turner, RN, RDMS
  • Veronica Smith, PCT
  • Joyce Glover, RDCS