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Children’s of Mississippi is part of University of Mississippi Medical Center.

CRS Services

The Children's Rehabilitation Services care team includes, but is not limited to, the following aspects of treatment.

Medical physician

The attending medical physician is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation. The physician provides coordination of the program and manages medical issues and rehab services' recommendations.

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapists evaluate and provide therapy for fine motor skills, self-care skills, oral motor/feeding skills, upper extremity range of motion, strength and sensory awareness, activities of daily living, including homemaking and independent living, perceptual motor/sensory and vestibular integrative skills, and cognitive skills. Orthotic application and training are also provided.

Physical therapists

Physical therapists evaluate gross motor and developmental skills, range of motion, muscle strength, gait, posture, tone, reflexes and functional abilities. Orthotic and prosthetic evaluation and training is also provided, as are seating and mobility evaluations.

Social worker

A social worker is on staff to help assess family situations, provide individual, parent and family counseling and offer supportive and therapeutic groups. Families are helped through discharge planning to obtain medical equipment and financial assistance, and are placed in contact with supportive community services.

Speech therapy

Speech therapists offer comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services in several areas. Areas addressed include receptive/expressive language, articulation, voice, fluency, oral motor, feeding, and swallowing (including videofluroscopic swallow studies).

Recreational therapy/child life

Recreation Therapy/Child Life uses therapy sessions, leisure education and special recreation programs to assist patients in reaching their maximum potential. Special programs include adapted aquatics, wheelchair sports and community outings. Recreation activities provide healthy and positive outlets and are used as modes for coping with hospitalization, illness and/or disability and for reinforcing the goals of the interdisciplinary team.

Education department

The education department assesses cognitive abilities and provides continuity in educational programming for students in either the regular program or in special classes. Assessment information, recommendations and coordination of medical assessment data to assist local schools in developing services for CRS patients are also provided.


Neuropsychology is available for patients with traumatic brain injury and cognitive deficits to provide appropriate testing and behavioral management programs.

Clinical psychology

Clinical psychology is available to provide psychological evaluation, behavioral management and emotional counseling.


Nutritionists provide patients with nutritional assessments, recommendations for appropriate intake, diet instruction and monitoring of nutritional status during their hospital stay. Referrals are made for ongoing nutritional support. Patients also have access to all support services and disciplines available at the University Hospitals and Clinics. Referrals for patient services are available with physicians specifically trained in pediatrics. These services include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Orthopedics
  • Urology
  • Neurology
  • Endocrinology
  • Surgery
  • Genetics
  • Others


The pediatric rehabilitation coordinator serves as nursing coordinator for the Children’s Rehabilitation Services. This position serves as a liaison between the CRS and Children's Healthcare of Mississippi's pediatric units. Duties include identifying health educational interests and needs of patients, and developing, coordinating and implementing patient education programs. The coordinator also ensures that all plans of care include activities that will assist in helping patients to reach their rehabilitation goals.

Support services

Medical and support services are available around the clock with sufficient capacity to accommodate the needs of CRS clients. Medical consultations are answered within 24 hours. Pharmacy, lab and imaging response to orders range from 20-60 minutes for stat requests, and 90 minutes to two hours for routine orders. Timeliness of results to the clinician who is making a decision based on those results are available within 24 hours or less. Lab critical test result response to the clinician is 30 minutes.