Therapy Programs

The experienced staff with UMMC Rehabilitation Services offers a variety of therapy programs, including neurological, occupational, physical and speech/language rehabilitation.

Neurological rehabilitation

Specially trained and certified therapists work hand-in-hand with physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians to provide care for patients with neurological (nerve/nervous system) injuries or illnesses, including stroke, head injuries, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's disease and cerebral palsy.

    Occupational therapy

    Improving the patient's ability to perform daily activities after an illness or injury is the goal of the specially trained rehab staff. Therapists tailor activities and instruction to help those disabled by mental, physical, developmental, social or emotional conditions.

    Physical therapy

    UMMC's physical therapists work with patients to improve physical movement, reduce pain and prevent disability. They make use of the latest developments in therapeutic exercise, functional training, manual therapy, assistive devices and electrotherapeutic treatments.

    Speech-language pathology

    Licensed therapists work with patients to improve communication skills, including speaking, listening and facial expression and gestures. Latest technologies are used to also help with swallowing problems and cognitive retraining to strengthen association, attention, memory, problem solving and verbal reasoning processes.