The prosthetics division specializes in lightweight, high-performance upper and lower extremity prostheses. Specialists fit complicated cases for children and adults using the latest generation of computer-imaging and fabrication technology.

Our staff members are some of the most experienced in the country in using computer-assisted design and manufacture technology, a process that allows us to craft prostheses in a matter of hours instead of weeks and months. In most cases, patients are able to use a prosthesis the day of their first visit.


  • Bionics and microprocessor technology

    The program has extensive experience with microprocessor-controlled prostheses for upper and lower limb prostheses for children and adults. We have a long history of fitting microprocessor-controlled knees, elevated vacuum suspension systems and myoelectrically (electrical signals within the body) controlled elbows, wrists and hands.

  • Neuroprosthetic services

    UMMC’s certified clinical specialists provide the latest FDA-approved neuroprosthetic (electrical stimulation) devices. It is the only program in the state to provide neuroprosthetic therapy, providing a continuum of care from the acute hospital to the rehabilitation hospital, outpatient therapy, thanks to a team collaboration of doctors, nurses, therapists and orthotists.

  • Cosmetic restorations

    Some prefer a prosthesis that matches their limb shape and skin color as close as possible. The UMMC program has a team of experts that specialize in artistic restorations that match the patient’s natural appearance. Other patients, however, want to stand out and make a bold statement, and the O&P team provides them with a prosthesis that reflect their unique personality.

  • Upper extremity prostheses

    The UMMC prosthetics staff has extensive experience in fitting patients with complex upper extremity prostheses. We have the resources and the inventory to test components on each patient to determine which system is best suited functionally for that individual.

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