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Children's Cancer Center

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Symptoms may bring your child to the Children's Cancer Center at Batson Children's Hospital or you may be referred to us by your child’s primary care pediatrician. Following just one prick of his finger, your child might be diagnosed as a cancer patient. If the diagnosis is cancer, those few drops of blood will bring a diverse team to your child’s defense.

Here, a care team of medical oncologists and hematologists, radiation oncologists, pediatric surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, aides, medical technicians, blood specialists, social workers, teachers, child life specialists and many more helps your child return to the healthy toddler or teen he was before illness struck.

During his illness, this medical world will revolve around your child. From the medical technologist who attaches a picture of your child to his wall after they draw blood, to the child life specialist who helps explain these strange hospital people to your son or daughter, this team focuses on what’s best for the patient, your child.

Sometimes that means they work with you and your family to help explain what’s happening. Sometimes it means they simply sit with you or your child when company is needed. You’ll find that hugs are as big a part of treatment as needles.

While this team is all about defeating cancer and sending your child home healthy, they know that “healthy” encompasses more than a physical release from disease. At the Children's Cancer Center, a part of Batson Hospital and UMMC Cancer Institute, specialists work to send your child home mentally, emotionally and physically ready to tackle the world. This means they’ll work with your child and your family to handle the stress and changes that come when cancer strikes.

They also will work with your family for years to come to combat any late effects of cancer or treatment and to check your child regularly in case this disease returns.

The Children's Cancer Center team provides treatment for any Mississippi child with cancer or a blood-related disorder. You don’t have to have money, insurance or fit into a clinical trial to receive care here. Just ask some of the 2,000 children who have been treated here since the program began. The clinic sees approximately 75 new patients every year and follows more than 800 patients annually, including new patients, patients who are on therapy or have recently completed therapy and long-term follow-up.

As part of an academic medical center and the only children’s hospital in the state, this team offers hope to all Mississippi children with cancer, sickle cell and other blood-related diseases. Doctors and other specialists here search for new cures for cancer or earlier ways to diagnose it even as they treat their patients. They are part of the Children’s Oncology Group, the largest research group in the nation dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancers, so doctors and patients here work with others worldwide to develop new and better cancer treatments. The knowledge our doctors gain is used to care for your child and to teach the state’s next generation of caregivers the latest, most up-to-date treatments for childhood cancers.

We hope you never have to check us out, but if you need us we’re here. 

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